Prebuild, a group of private Portuguese capital formed in 2001, operates in the construction, industry and services sectors.




The group is born in 2001 when João Gama Leão decides to create a company in prefabricated area. The Prebuild begins his activity in the construction sector in Angola , basing its strategy on differentiation through quality and use of modern processes .

This strategy of action throughout the productive cycle has helped it to overcome the difficulties inherent to an emerging market, controlling deadlines and quality, thereby improving efficiency and enabling sustained growth.  





Since 2010, the Prebuild Group has acquired a number of industrial companies in Portugal. The main ones worth mentioning are LEVIRA (office furniture, in the first quarter of 2011) the IZIBUILD chain (distribution of DIY, decoration and garden products, in July of 2011) and Aleluia Cerâmicas in January of 2012. The Group invested in the acquisition and, fundamentally, in the restructuring of the companies that it acquired and which it has been making more viable, not only ensuring the maintenance of many jobs, but integrating them in an industrial platform geared towards exports.

The group has been restructuring its industrial companies in a supply-chain approach (to create greater customer satisfaction, improving efficiency and removing obstacles) and implementing Lean Management to reduce the production cycle and work with greater productivity and less stock. Besides this, product innovation and design are looked on as critical factors for enhancing competitiveness.



As from 2013 we will witness a considerable increase in the involvement of the Prebuild Group in international markets.

A special mention here goes to Colombia where the Group is developing the Prebuild Industrial Hub project which consists in the construction of an industrial complex with 11 factories in diverse areas – ceramics, aluminium, wood, plastic and metalworking – and which will create a total of 1000 direct jobs. Colombia, a country where the construction sector has seen double digit growth in recent years also made it possible for the Group to enter the civil construction business proper with a business portfolio more than 600 million Euros in the next two years. 

The construction business was also the Group’s starting place in Algeria. A contract was signed for the construction of houses and equipment such as schools, health and safety centres sue to its significant experience in pre-construction and good performance in terms of meeting construction deadlines.

Prebuild signed an agreement with the Ministry of Housing and Habitat in Venezuela for the construction of housing under this program and which will contribute towards this enormous construction drive. For this reason the company is already setting up an office and a work team in Caracas. 

Lastly the Group also identified the Middle East as a strategic, and it will explore its potential operating out of a base in Doha, the capital of Qatar.