Levira is  an office furniture designer and manufacturer that holds its production on the most rigorous quality standards with competitive prices, was founded  in 1971, today employs around 200 workers.

Levira invested in a sophisticated industrial facility, today has outstanding infrastructures and a production area of 40thousand m2 . Levira exports 65% of its production worldwide and has office branches in different parts of the world.

Focussed on Design and functionality, Levira offers a wide range of products, ensuring not only the office furniture supply as well as a project and work service with a committed team and a range of high quality materials, which includes from partitions, wall cabinets, coatings, phenolics to false ceilings and flooring.

Levira today is seen as a specialist in the design and working out environments, developing integrated solutions for its customers at any place in the world, such as for example, contracts in Cabe Verde, including the Maritime Station Porto Novo and Furnas, the new headquarters of the African Investment Bank.

Levira is a reference brand at the office furniture market, and over the years has been increasing its branding in a national and international context.