Prebuild Academy


Fundamental Principles 

Prebuild Group believes it must give an active contribution to  the development of all countries in which it is present and their respective communities.


Prebuild Group’s Main Lines of Social Action:

  • Respect for Fundamental Human Rights, as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, regardless of the existing legal framework.

  • Professional development of employees, focusing on stable working conditions and making an increasing investment in training.

  • Supporting the access to education and creation of opportunities for first job to young people with talent.

Professional Development

Prebuild Group has a center of in-house training, Prebuild Academy , which addresses transversal  needs of training of the group. Each business unit has its internal training centers with programs tailored to specific professions and specific needs of each sector.

Believing that people are at the heart of his success Prebuild Group created in 2014 Prebuild Academy, which is taking its first steps and aims to reach all employees and ensure that their learning is continuous.

We believe that investing in professional and personal development of employees is a basis for a sustainable competitive advantage and differentiating.

Supporting the employee, investing in its development, implies understanding his needs and frame them within the evolution of the business.


The Main Objectives of the Academia Prebuild are:

  • Promote the personal and professional development of the employees of the various companies in the Group;

  • Standardize its training programs;